Huilco Real Estate Listings

We provide a free non-exclusive international property listing service for property owners in Ecuador. Most of our property listings are in the province of Loja. We also have properties listings in the provinces of Manabí, Zamora, Azuay and Pastaza. We update our site with new listings and do existing listing modifications and removals about every 90 days. We do not require a contract of exclusivity from property owners.
We work solely on a commission paid by the seller, which is a percentage of the sales price. The commission percentage varies with sellers and types of listings. We also guarantee the commission will never exceed the standard percentages used in the US and Canada.
We work by appointment only and require before showing properties a meeting with the client to determine the property criteria the client is looking for. If there are no properties in our listings that meet the client criteria, we will recommend a tour of the area the client is interested in and can start a property search in that area for the client.
The showing of properties and area tours are only done in a 4 wheel drive truck taxi at a cost of 10.00 an hour which is refunded if a property is purchased from Huilco.

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