Toledo Farm, Parcel #11, Cucanoma, Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

$ 85,000
TypeTerreno With Basic Structure(s)
Sold No


Location– Vilcabamba

Type– Terreno

Size– 2479M2

Price– $85,000.00

Utilities– Electricity, potable water/irrigation water. Phone, Internet, cable TV are available.  

Land– Flat and sloped. 

View– Beautiful views of the Vilcabamba river valley and the Andes in all directions.

Features– There is an original permit and approved plans for building a home on the property. The plans and permit only need be made current in the city.


Major Improvements: Toledo Farm, Parcel #11, Cucanoma, Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

My purchase of Parcel #11 in 2013 was from one of 7siblings, Francisco, who inherited the generations old organic farm spanning from the paved Cucanoma Road to the top of Mandango Mountain. Subdivided by the parents in 1987 into 21 parcels in 3 distinct sections, each sibling received 3 parcels, 1 in each section. An irrigation system road runs between section 2 and 3, the lower 2 sections irrigated.  It is approximately 2km from village central.

First, we added to the volume and variety of fruits, created 4 major terraced rock vegetable gardens with organic soil and fertilizer. This includes: 10 new banana varieties, sour lemon tree, avocados, and additional fruit trees around perimeter, and a variety of vegetables. The East section of the parcel has been excavated, the road cut, retaining wall built, utilities installed. Only the home site itself requires additional earth work, compacted fill and construction. To obtain the potable water line permit requires the construction permit be issued. It will run up the center of the road which can then be bladed with drainage grade and two concrete ribbons poured to make it a year around road for all vehicles. The entire parcel is irrigated from the village maintained canal. Following is a list of the major improvements I made since 2014:

  1. Restore existing trees, coffee, bananas to full production capacity.
  2. Restore, upgrade and expand existing sprinkler system.
  3. Build rock irrigation ditches half of rear and full length of East perimeter. Retention of natural drainage addressed in design and layout of property.
  4. Repair perimeter fencing to restrain horses and cattle from adjoining properties.
  5. Trees and rocks removed, excavation of 3-meter drive across length of property as provided in 1987 survey. Sprinkler system was redirected under the drive; 8’ high rock retaining wall built at rear section.
  6. Excavated and installed 4 terraced rock vegetable gardens; filled with organic soil and fertilizer.
  7. Cleared access and installed rock walk way to bottom of West section ravine. A bamboo gazebo for meditation is planned at the termination of the walkway.
  8. Below the house site, a rock and concrete Zen garden is in place awaiting addition of sand, a tree and 3 large rocks.
  9. Planting of additional varieties and more fruit trees, and a bamboo fence along a portion of the rear perimeter.
  10. Design and installation of an engineered US 2 tank concrete septic system with full leach field capacity, producing grey water for further irrigation of plants. Supervised by US plumber. Capacity to serve kitchen, 4 bathrooms and more.
  11. Located at highest point on land, just above the house, is a 1,000 gallon, monolithic poured reinforced water reservoir, non-toxic interior coating. A 2nd catchment for rainwater is included in the plans.
  12. Excavation and leveling of parking areas, potential playground for farm ninos, grape arbor, lower rock retaining wall built from drive entrance to home site.
  13. Installation of electrical transformer with capacity to accommodate 2 homes, approved. Cost $8500.
  14. Application, 9-month process of resolving major road blocks to obtaining the permit. It includes an engineer’s study and bio digester plan. Permit issued. Cost $2300.
  15. To accomplish the above I purchased hand tools remaining on the farm, and rented various pieces of heavy equipment, concrete mixer, etc.

In addition to the work completed above, the following items were required:

Two years of my expertise, general contracting and labor in planning, designing land usage, retention of natural drainage, utility and road construction, and consultation with 2 US engineers on land development issues. 2 electrical engineers, and Ecuadoran architect.

A set of approved architectural plans for a 2100 sf one story, Zen design, Frank Lloyd Wright style home to be constructed in adobe is included in the sale at no additional charge.  These designs may be modified or other designs including a two-story structure may be feasible. However, the location of the home is predetermined. The plan ensures views of the ever-changing landscape from up to 3 rainbows, to cloud forests covering, to mountain landscapes of the Podacarpus Range to the East from all major windows. While the parcel affords 360-degree mountain views, only a handful of Vilcabamba properties offer this magnificent ever-changing view created by the cloud, then rain forest on the far slope of the Podocarpus Mountains.

In addition, Edgar Toledo, son of the seller and a team of family members affording complete security will competently and diligently build your new home for you. American electrician and plumber, Bob Knapp, will provide these outside services. He is also a competent construction contractor who knows UBC. Ecuadoran architect Bertha Sozoranga has a long-established relationship with the Loja Building Department and worked diligently to obtain the building permit. Other resources and suppliers will be offered.

This is a manageable sized property, suitable for a family, a couple or single individual or retiree, or a small retreat center. It lacks only the construction of the home to fulfill my dream. With the family living at the entrance and one new home just below my parcel, security is assured while personal privacy is maintained. The Toledo family is one of the major, oldest and most respected families in the valley.  Francisco told me if he sold me his land I had to become part of his family. They spent the next 3 years proving the sincerity of this statement. I would trust them with my life. They are always there offering help when there is a need, and sharing their fun-filled holiday gatherings.

Photos submitted with description of land.  Top to Bottom, left to right:


Own a piece of a generations old organic family farm, experience the best of Ecuador, a simple, organic lifestyle sharing this haven with 7 brothers and sisters and their gentle, loving families, a supportive community within its self. Conveniently located 2KM from Vilcabamba Centro, this private estate begins at a rare paved road and extends to the top of Mandingo Mountain. The parcel is 2479 M2 or .61 of an acre in full production with a variety of citrus and fruit trees, 12 varieties of bananas, heavenly sun-roasted coffee, terraced vegetable gardens, medicine garden, giant mori, and proposed grape arbor. It is an ideal, manageable size for an individual, family or a small private retreat. Two years of planning and improvements went into creation of this dream to accommodate me and my global students. Driveway access excavated, rock walkway to center of orchard, 1000 gallon reinforced concrete water reservoir, US-engineered two tank septic system, rock-lined irrigation ditch on East and South perimeters, rock retaining wall, terraced gardens, and zen garden are installed. Fully irrigated, a bamboo privacy fence is planted, and natural drainage is preserved in plan.  Electrical transformer sufficient to power two residences is installed, parking and proposed playground or flower gardens excavated. Offered with building permit, architectural plans, or create your own. 300 standing bamboo trees can be obtained from a local source for construction, if desired.  Begin construction today. Responsible, hard-working, crew and leader, American electrician and plumber await your arrival to fulfill this vision. Surrounded by Andes mountains what sets this parcel apart is the ever-changing Podacarpus view you’ll enjoy from each room of the proposed Frank Lloyd Wright design home. From being shrouded in clouds to up to triple rainbows, Mother Nature paints a magnificent scene to awe and inspire you 365 days a year, while you dine on your organic food supply bursting with flavor and nutrition, breathe pure, clean air and drink mineral rich live mountain water.  This parcel offers the best of two worlds, privacy of home site yet Ideal for a single person due to the support and security of the community, or for a growing family seeking to experience one of the few remaining truly healthful places on earth. Government re-evaluation in 2014 set its value at $60,000 prior to improvements of $25,000 plus approved architectural plans and construction permit. This opportunity is available only due to the 9 month challenge it took to obtain my building permit, and the priority of my writing and global educational project commitment.

The older children on the farm in English class I sponsored with full support of parents.

Access– There are paved roads to a good dirt road on to the property.


  • Access to Electric
  • Access to irrigation water
  • Access to Potable Water
  • Cable TV
  • Creek/River on Property
  • Electric on Property
  • Garden
  • Internet
  • Mature Fruit Trees
  • Pond
  • Possible Road Access
  • Potable water on Property
  • River Front
  • Road Access
  • Spring on Property
  • Swimming Pool
  • Waterfall


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