Our Philosophy


Our simple philosophy at Huilco Real Estate is to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner. We feel that whenever one takes something, something should be given back. So we decided to build that idea right into the business, its one of the reasons we call ourselves Huilco. Here’s our offer:

When you buy a piece of property through us, we’ll give you— and plant for you, one Huilco tree for every acre of your property.

That’s 2 Huilco trees per hectare. Over time, with everyone’s help, we all can help return this valley and the surrounding areas back to the thriving population of  sacred trees that made this valley so beautiful to begin with.




We also believe its time our planet received a tithing. 10 percent of our profits go to buying land that has been clear cut and reforesting that land with Huilco trees. Prior to European colonization, the Huilco was a major species in the valleys of Loja province. It was a sacred tree to the Incas; and the Quechua name Huilcopamba, from which Vilcabamba is derived, means “sacred valley”. The Huilco population has been greatly reduced through most of its original range.

The Huilco is used traditionally in treating respiratory ailments and asthma, and is  known for its ability to remove pollutants from the air and put back pristine oxygen… considered by some to be the main contributing factor of the good health and longevity of the people of the area.