Inspections and Consultations

Prepurchase property inspections are widely recommended all over the world and Ecuador is no exception, getting the most information on a property you are interested  in buying is definitely a good idea and a very smart investment.

Inspections are generally done after the first negotiation between buyer and seller. Property inspections can be part of an Escrow contract agreement between buyer and seller. The property inspection may disclose conditions that can affect the price of the property and be mediated by Escrow if a renegotiation of price is necessary.

The inspection of commercial, residential or industrial buildings will give buyers an overview of the condition of the building. This is important in assessing present if any, and potential future repairs and maintenance.

Property Inspections & Vacant Land Inspections

If buying vacant land is the case, getting an inspection before you buy can help ensure you don’t run into disappointing experiences in the future.
It is important to know the potential of the land before you buy. To insure that the land you are buying can meet your goals.
A professional inspection will let you know if the land is suitable for farming, construction, reforestation, long term, long term investment etc.
If farming is the case it will inform you of the type of crops, trees, plants, animals, etc., that are suitable for the area.
If your intention is building your dream retirement home, it will inform you of the status of utilities, roads, land stability, rainy season creeks, erosion etc.
These are examples of situations that can be encountered after land has been purchased. 

Property Inspections & Vacant Land Inspections
We inspect the following property items where possible:
1. Climate zone, average annual temperature and rainfall.
2. Area history, safety and future municipality or federal planning.
3. Terrain and vegetation and terrain and vegetation type.
4. Soils and soils type. (soils analysis and testing can be performed at an extra cost)
5. Existing roads and drainage.
6. New road construction possibilities and distance.
7. Existing erosion and or possible future erosion areas.
8. Water source, water amount possible for the property and distance of property from the water source.
9. Electrical source, amount of electrical possible for the property and distance of electrical source from the property.

Inspection and Consultation Costs are 60.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum.
Driving time for out of town property inspections is 60.00 an hour for the first 2 hours and 15.00 an hour thereafter. Once the onsite inspection starts the rate goes back to 60.00 an hour.

Huilco provides professional recommendations from its inspections only and cannot be held liable for any of its recommendations or consultations from its inspections.
Huilco cannot be held liable for any natural occurrences, acts of nature or acts of god.

Building Inspections:

We inspect the integrity of the following building items where possible:
1. The water source, plumbing main lines, water lines, pipe connections, holding tanks and fixtures.
2. The electrical source, main panels, sub panels, conduits, connections and fixtures.
3. Air and heat type and unit, unit capacity, ducting, connections and register supplies.
4. Foundations, support columns, support beams, walls, floors and roof.
5. The materials used for the construction.
6. The materials used for the finishes.
7. The doors, windows and doors and windows types and hardware.
8. All wood and wood types and the existing condition of the wood.

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