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Our simple philosophy at Huilco Real Estate is to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner. We feel that whenever one takes something, something should be given back. So we decided to build that idea right into the business, its one of the reasons we call ourselves Huilco. Here’s our offer:
When you buy a piece of property through us, we’ll give you— and plant for you, one Huilco tree for every aof your property.
That’s 2 Huilco trees per hectare. Over time, with everyone’s help, we can all help to return this valley and the surrounding areas to the beautiful valley that it was.


We also believe its time our planet received a tithing. 10 percent of our profits go to buying land that has been clear cut and reforesting that land with Huilco trees. Prior to European colonization, the Huilco was a major species in the valleys of Loja province. It was a sacred tree to the Incas; and the Quechua name Huilcopamba, from which Vilcabamba is derived, means “sacred valley”. The Huilco population has been greatly reduced
The Huilco is used traditionally in treating respiratory ailments and asthma, and is known for its ability to remove pollutants from the air and put back pristine oxygen considered by some to be the main contributing factor of the good health and longevity of the people of the area.

Business Model
Huilco Real Estate aims to provide the best service to our clients, both sellers and buyers.
Huilco works solely on a commission paid to us by the owner, which is a percentage of the sales price. The percentage varies with owners and types of listings. We guarantee our commission will never exceed the standard percentages used in the US and Canada.Using a percentage to pay commission on sales allows for multiple listings among real estate companies.
7th Generation Philosophy
Huilco gets much of its inspiration from the jungle philosophies of North, Central, and South American indigenous cultures, where they sought to maintain a harmonious balance between man and his environment. One of these is the 7th Generation Philosophy. Inspired by laws of the Native-American Iroquois Indians, this ecological concept requires that decisions should be considered for their impact on the future seven generations.

Huilco Real Estate and Construction Company
We specialize in pre purchase property and building inspections, building construction and property infrastructure consultations. Our team consists of bilingual Architects, Civil Engineers and General Contractors that have worked in Canada the USA, Chili and Ecuador. We also offer an Agricultural Engineer consultation if you are planning to grow fruits and vegetables or do forestation. Ecuador has many micro climates and knowing what grows where is important.
We work together with Escrow Title Insurance Company insuring that your new property or building purchase has received a proper inspection and disclosure of existing conditions.

Huilco Real Estate Listings:
We provide a free non-exclusive international property listing service for property owners in Ecuador. Most of our property listings are in the province of Loja. We also have properties listings in the provinces of Manabí, Zamora, Azuay and Pastaza. We update our site with new listings and do existing listing modifications and removals about every 90 days. We do not require a contract of exclusivity from property owners.
We work by appointment only and require before showing properties a meeting with the client to determine the property criteria the client is looking for. If there are no properties in our listings that meet the client criteria, we will recommend a tour of the area the client is interested , the area tours are only done in a 4wheel drive truck taxi at a cost of 10.00 an hour which is refunded if a property is purchased from Huilco.

Huilco Reforestation Mission
If you are interested in forestation, after a property inspection and a consultation with our Agricultural Engineer, we will recommend the correct trees and amount of trees to plant on your property. We will also let you know where you can get the trees for free if available or where to purchase the trees.
If you are purchasing a listing from Huilco and plant 20 or more trees recommended by our Agricultural Engineer on your new property, we will discount .5% of our commission to go towards the planting of your trees.

Inspection and Consultation:
Building Inspections:
1. The water source, plumbing main lines, water lines, pipe connections, holding tanks and fixtures.
2. The electrical source, main panels , secondary, conduits, connections and fixtures.
3. Air and heat type and unit, unit capacity, ducting, connections and register supplies.
4. Foundations, support columns, support beams, walls, floors and roof.
5. The materials used for the constructio and finishes
6. The doors, windows and doors and windows types and hardware.
7. All wood and and the existing condition of the wood.

Property Inspections:
1. Climate zone, average annual temperature and rainfall.
2. Area history, safety and future municipality or federal planning.
3. Type terrain and vegetation
4. Soils and soils type. (soils analysis and testing can be performed at an extra cost)
5. Existing roads and drainage.
6. New road construction possibilities and distance.
7. Existing erosion and or possible future erosion areas.
8. Water source, water amount possible for the property and distance of water source.
9. Electrical source, amount of electrical possible for the property and distance of electrical source from .

Inspection and Consultation Costs are 35.00 per hour with a two hour minimum including travel time. Travel distances longer than 2 hours are discounted to 10.00 an hour after the first 2 hours.
Huilco provides professional recommendations and can not be held responsible for unforeseen events or events of nature in its inspections or inquiries

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