About Us

Our commitment with the environment.

Huilco Real Estate main office is located in Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador. We have been operating in the region for the past decade and in the last five years we have branched out to other sectors like, building construction, agriculture, property & building inspections and consultations.

Huilco’s sister company CHOCOVILCAMUNDO/CVM has agriculture projects in different parts of ECUADOR. Before we start a project we go through a planning process to minimize any negative effects the project may have on the land and area. Our agricultural products are shade grown, requiring reforestation. The areas not planted with agricultural products are replanted with trees native to the area.
We take climate change very seriously and this is why we have made reforestation and conservation a priority in our projects. Huilco does not charge commission on properties sold by Huilco that are put into conservation easements. An inspection and consultation by Huilco is required and our expenses are paid by the buyer.
We believe that adding more trees and maintaining present trees is a real and tangible action that we can take at this moment to help offset the existing and increase in carbon emissions.
We have been and our presently involved in and working together with individuals, businesses and entities to help them restore their carbon foot print on the planet.

If you want to take tangible action and be part of a present solution please feel free to contact us, together we can contribute to a better world by reforesting, for our children and their children etc. etc. etc.
Below are photos of our present nurseries with all organic agricultural products, shade trees and trees for reforestation.
Our properties and clients properties range in elevation from 200 meters to 2600 meters above sea level.

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