Reforestation-Soil Regeneration-Forest Preservation-Shade Crops


If you are an individual, small business, large corporation, or a nation, and are looking to offset your carbon footprint, we can help. Ecuador is one of the most diverse beautiful countries on earth and is worth preserving. From the pacific coastal areas to the center of the countries` Andes mountains to the eastern jungles exist properties that need reforestation, soil regeneration and preservation. The equatorial regions are considered the lungs of the planet and need to be preserved.      

HUILCO can provide the property you need to offset your carbon footprint. Our agricultural engineers provide analysis and notarized certification for a progressive or completed reforestation-soil regeneration-forest preservation or shade crop project.    

Our team consists of bi-lingual Agricultural, Civil engineers, Architects and General Contractors that have worked in Canada the US, Chile and Ecuador. See CONTACT and email us for more information. 

We are a group of certified companies: Agriculture-Import-Real Estate and Construction we are certified by the Superintendencia de Companias de Ecuador. We can mobilize and perform large projects in most parts of the country. See some of our current projects at ABOUT US.

For Property Purchase agreements and Contract agreements we use ECUADOR ESCROW.


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