Vilcabamba Real Estate in Ecuador

Most people look to Ecuadorian real estate because of the natural setting and pristine environment. Some have already discovered the beauty of Vilcabamba homes, set in a high valley of the surrounding mountains. The fertile land and colorful flora and fauna of South America is an ideal place to live at any age. Vilcabamba real estate has recently become popular, as more people have begun to find out about the high life expectancy and healthy population of locals. The fresh air, temperate climate and year round growing season make Ecuador real estate a great option for people who are looking to settle down and find inner peace.

Vilcabamba Real Estate Types

You can view Vilcabamba real estate land all around the village and in the surrounding mountains as well. The ones with smaller land (under one hectare) are called terreno, while the over one hectare land will be advertised as a finca. You can choose to buy land only, or Vilcabamba homes with an area suitable for farming. Some of the properties are in better condition than others, therefore, you will need to check out the location, amenities and structure, before you make up your mind. Expert Vilcabamba real estate agents can provide you both practical and legal advice.

The Most Popular Ecuador Homes

Some of the most popular Ecuador homes are found in the Andes, and Vilcabamba real estate is popular because of the healthy and laid-back atmosphere. People say that this is the last place to find real Inca people, and you will come across men and women aged over 100 years, thanks to the healthy and stress-free lifestyle of locals. You will want to find the perfect spot by looking at the scenery, landscape features and accessibility as well.

Sustainable Vilcabamba Homes

One of the main reasons why people choose Vilcabamba homes is the peace and tranquility of the place. You are used to worrying about doing your shopping in the busy supermarket, paying too much for electricity and heating, but this can all end. You can go back to the natural way of living your life, without damaging your environment. People in Vilcabamba are content and healthy, because they have fewer things to worry about.

Vilcabamba Real Estate for Farming

Some couples and families choose Vilcabamba real estate to set up their own farm and stop the rat race. If you can afford to withdraw from the civilized and stressful way of life you are living now, you can set up your own sustainable development. The great number of plants that love the climate of Vilcabamba offers you plenty of options, and you do not have to worry about chemicals, poison, preservatives or GM fruits or vegetables, either. Vilcabamba real estate properties are available at a low price and can provide you happiness and tranquility for the rest of your life.

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