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There are a lot of homes for sale in Cuenca that are great for various needs of individuals. Being the third largest city in Ecuador, Cuenca is a charming city with its old Spanish architecture and historical sites. It is among the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Trust Site because of the many historical buildings preserved in the area.

There is a high demand in properties in Cuenca in the past recent years. Many Ecuadorians have decided to sell their homes especially to foreigners. You will be surprised how investment friendly not only the city but Ecuador as a whole. It is easy to process a visa in the country. They also practice eco-tourism to protect their natural resources. Tourists will absolutely love the beautiful beaches and interesting sites here.

Cuenca is mostly surrounded by mountains and has four major rivers which are all part of the Amazon watershed. As the capital of the province of Azuay, the population of Cuenca is about half a million inhabitants. The people, just like most of Ecuador’s population rely mostly in agriculture as a source of income.

It is quite obvious that most part of Ecuador is largely influenced by its Spanish colonizers. However, the city of Cuenca has a great history taking us back to the pre-Spanish colonial era. The native Incas were known to be among the first settlers in the area.

Today, houses and other properties in Cuenca still depict the Spanish culture that was brought to the city. Designs of homes are mostly aligned with Spanish architecture. Colonial homes are aplenty which bring a unique charm to anyone. Most homes and condominiums look very much modern however there are still some properties that are well preserved and least altered due to their historical significance.

A lot of people who are nearing their retirement age have begun seeking properties around Ecuador and the city of Cuenca is among the most preferred locations. Although it is considered to be a city, the lifestyle is no different than those living in the highlands. As most Ecuadorians do, people of Cuenca enjoy simplicity and healthy living. They prefer to eat locally grown foods and other staples coming from the Ecuadorian farms.

Foreigners who are interested in buying properties in Cuenca are advised to take caution when starting a deal with any realtor. It is highly recommended to get to know a trusted firm before taking any agreements. You may get yourself a Spanish-speaking lawyer because the contracts are purely in Spanish. There are a lot of realtors who speak English fairly but a good knowledge of the Spanish language comes in very handy.

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