Finca Loja 40 Hectares 135,000 Finca Loja 40 Hectares 135,000 Land with House Finca (over 1 hectare) Loja, Loja US$ 135,000

Huilco Ecuador Real Estate

We are a locally owned company that hopes to be a  new approach to real estate.

We Want to create a New Paradigm For Real Estate Sales

If you're looking to buy real estate in Ecuador, Huilco Real Estate is an excellent choice. We call ourselves "alternative real estate" because we hope to create a new paradigm of how business is run by instilling a sense of personal responsibility within business practice.

7th Generation Philosophy

Huilco gets much of its inspiration from the philosophies of North, Central, and South American indigenous cultures, where they sought to maintain a harmonious balance between man and his environment. One of these is the 7th Generation Philosophy. Inspired by laws of the Native-American Iroquois Indians, this ecological concept requires that decisions should be considered for their impact on the future seven generations.

Homes For Sale in Ecuador

Huilco applies this concept to the buying of homes for sale in Ecuador by using 10% of all profit to purchasing local land that has been clearcut and reforesting it with Huilco trees. We also donate to each buyer (and offer to plant )-- 2 Huilco trees per hectare sold. Over time, the sacred valley region of southern Ecuador could easily be reforested with the original sacred trees of the valley that gave Vilcabamba its name (Huilco - Bamba)

Ecuador Real Estate Is Growing

Ecuador real estate is growing, and many companies are trying to get a piece of the action. Huilco hopes to start a new trend in the real estate business. With some luck, we will have enough success to get the attention of other companies in the area, and maybe other companies will follow suit. If the

majority of companies realized that one can have a modest business AND give back to the community and the environment, then we'd really have some momentum!

Fair Real Estate

Huilco stays very current and is constantly updating their site with new listings. And they are one of the only local companies that don't require a contract of exclusivity, which allows properties to have multiple listings across multiple realtors, creating better pricing and visibility.

We work solely on a commission paid to them by the owner, which is a percentage of the sales price. The percentage varies with owners and types of listings.

We also guarantee the commission will never exceed the standard percentages used in the US and Canada.

Anyone looking for property or homes for sale in Ecuador should definitely take a close look at Huilco Real Estate.

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